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Joseph Baker

Senior Vice President

Joe brings with him 35 years of experience in the specialty contracting, demolition, asbestos abatement and hazardous materials industries. Joe commenced his career as a laborer in the field, working his way up the ranks to eventually advancing to Vice President of Select Demo, where he founded the Abatement Division in 2016 and later became a co-founder of Select Spray Systems. Joe has been instrumental in the growth of Select Demo with the primary goal of developing and establishing the Abatement Division has a major competitor in the New England market, which he has been successful at. Joe prides himself on having a good business sense and understanding what it takes to develop a company while maintaining core values and keeping controls on growth in a fluctuating market. Joe can be quoted as saying “Our personnel in the field are our best sales people,” which he adopted from his father, who was a pioneer in the construction industry. Joe strongly believes that a company is only as good as the people within the organization, and he feels Select Demo has the best team in the business. As Vice President, Joe has not forgotten where he came from and can be found visiting job sites or having lunch with the field crews.

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