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Our Companies

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Thermally Broken & Standard Rainscreens, ACM & Metal Panels, Terracotta, Fiber Cement, Phenolic Panels, High Density Cement (HDC), Specialty Cladding


Exterior & Interior Glazing Systems, Fire Rated Glazing Systems, Interior/Exterior Storefronts, Glass Railings

Phone: (603) 886 - 2082

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Acoustic/Specialty Ceiling & Wall Systems

Phone: (603) 386-2084

Door & Frame:

Design, Customization & Installation of Commercial Doors, Frames & Hardware

Doors/Frames – Wood, Hollow Metal, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass Lead Lined, Sound & Blast Resistant, Clean Room, Watertight, Sliding System

Interior Aluminum Frame Systems

Pre-Hung Units for Condo/Apartment Applications

Phone: (603) 893-8395


Installation of all Architectural Finish Products including Millwork, Glass Wall, Lab Casework, Clean Rooms, Furniture, Architectural Metals and Specialties Divisions 10, 11 & 12. In addition, FINE offers Job Site Enabling Works and General Conditions. AWI Member, BTEA Member, Certified Installer for DIRTT and 3Form Products.

Phone: (603) 893-5083

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Dumpsters, Front and Rear Loaders, Compactors, Snow Removal, Recycling

Phone: (603) 386-0386

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Metal Stud Framing, Drywall Installation, Demountable Partitions, Carpentry, Temporary Protection, Door and Hardware Installation Services

Phone: (603) 893-5083

*A Division of New England Finish Systems

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Division 064000 (Millwork) & Division 12350 (Commercial Casework). Specializing in Custom

Millwork, including: Casework (Plam & Wood), Running and Standing Trim, Paneling, Commercial

Furniture, Banquettes & Reception Desks, Interior Windows & Custom Doors, Specialty Materials

(Solid Surface, Quartz, Integrated Glass, Fabric, Steel & Composites). Furnish & Install or Furnish

Only and Ships Nationwide

Phone: (603) 893-5083


Drywall Shapes:

Manufacturer of Pre-Formed Drywall Shapes

Phone: (603) 893-5083

*A Division of New England Finish Systems

Phone: (603) 386-0391

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Demolition Services:
Structural Demolition, Selective Interior Demolition, Complete Takedowns, Highway/Marine Demolition

Environmental Services:
Asbestos Abatement, Lead Abatement, Soil Remediation, PCB Remediation, Mold Remediation, Hazardous Waste Removal

Stair Pan and Opening Infills, Slab Trench Patching and Repairs, Cast-In-Place Services, Formation and
Pouring of Walls, Footings and Column Pads, Topping and Structural Slabs, Installation and Design of Rebar Dowels and Mats

Final Cleaning:
Interior and Exterior Final Construction Cleaning, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning, Preventative and Reactive COVID Disinfecting


Paint and Finishes:

Commercial Painting, Industrial Coating Applications, Epoxy Flooring, Wall Coverings, Sand Blasting, Pressure Cleaning, Line Striping, Seal Coating, Intumescent Fireproofing

Phone: (603) 386-0391

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Spray Systems:

Spray Applied Fireproofing, Patching, Firestopping, Intumescent Fireproofing, Acoustic Spray Insulation

Phone: (603) 386-0391


Tile, Marble and Flooring:

Tile & Stone, Carpet, Resilient Flooring, Hardwood, Flooring, Entry Mat System, Fluid Applied Flooring, Vapor Control, Concrete Polishing & Staining, Self-Leveling Underlayments, Concrete Slab Toppings / Engineered Overlays

Phone: (603) 386-0391

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Divisions 10, 11, 12 - Visual Displays, Toilet Partitions & Accessories, Wire Mesh Storage, Postal Specialties, Bike Racks, Photo Luminescent, Egress, Shower Doors, Appliances, Window Treatments, Projection Screens, Display Boards, Wall Protection, Wire Mesh Cages, Lockers, Closet Shelving, Glass Shower Doors, Lab Equipment, Demountable Office Partitions

Phone: (603) 386-2476