Lance Mazzariello


Lance spent the last decade working in a variety of positions within New England Finish Systems before branching out to oversee the development of Finish Installation of New England. At NEFS Lance worked alongside members of the Specialty Services of New England team to oversee field growth, competency, and scalability of the specialty field staff. His years in the field allowed him the ability to understand the complexities of the industry as well as the importance of client satisfaction. Holding a BS in Hospitality Management with a focus on Accounting, Lance believes in the added value of exceptional service. He believes that clients ultimately deserve the highest degree of quality, value, and expedience that can be offered every day and he strives to make this a reality on each of his team’s endeavors. Approaching projects with an outsized sense of possibility and a diminished capacity for pessimism, Lance desires nothing more than to build better. As the leader of FINE, Lance seeks to simplify the planning, purchasing, and completion of all finish construction projects.